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June and Trevor Franks Trevor Franks and June Franks. They both emigrated to Madeira in 1988 after previously staying on holidays. They liked it so much that when they had the chance to move they did so without hesitation.

Trevor started walking every Levada and mountain walk that was possible to walk. He then worked for various companies for five years taking groups around Madeira on the levadas and mountains showing people the fauna and flora that Madeira has to offer. He is still amazed twenty-eight years later that he discovers more about Madeira each time he goes out. An island still waiting to be discovered.

June,Trevor's wife, started walking the levadas and mountains at a later date. She is now a fully converted walker with experience of some tough walks.

The 'TJ' Walking of the business name comes from their Christian names Trevor and June.

We have a Portuguese cat called Ginger

Ginger the cat

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