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Madeira is an island with no rail network so the bus network becomes an integral part of travelling around the island. Buy The Unofficial Madeira Bus Guide and you will be able to travel around the Madeira Island bus network with ease.

The nearer you are to Funchal the more frequent the service is. If you intend to walk or visit other parts of the island the bus takes the strain of allowing you to see the beauty of the island without you having to take your eyes off the road (not recommended) if you are driving. Using the buses enhances the walking by making you a free agent on the final destination by shortening or extending the walk, as most walks are linear, so you have no worries about a return journey from a different finishing place as a bus service will pass that point.

Walking should be a pleasure to take in the views with no time constraints. Madeira is able to offer this (with a few exceptions) due to the exceptional bus service that is available and more so now due to the RAPIDA (motorway) links from Funchal. West link to Ribeira Brava, Madalena do Mar, Ponta do Sol, Calheta, Prazeres, Raposeira and links going East/North to Machico, Caniçal, Porto da Cruz, Faial, Santana, Serra de Água, Rosário, São Vicente, Seixal, Porto Moniz

The main bus service is the local Funchal City bus service, coloured yellow/orange (depending on who you ask). The City buses cover an outward journey to an invisible boundary line of 3 kilometres away from the sea front road. You can purchase an unlimited travel pass for 1, 3, 5 or 7 Days for use on the City buses. To travel more than 3 kilometres you need to board a country bus in Funchal.

City Bus

The different country buses are all easily identified by their colour :

Silver with a yellow and white stripe takes you to Camacha, Santo da Serra, Poiso, Ribeiro Frio, Faial, Santana, São Jorge, Cabanas, Arco de São Jorge, Curral das Freiras (nuns valley).

Camacha Bus

Grey with a red and white stripe or the newer bus colour livery coming into service white with a red/orange stripe takes you to Câmara de Lobos, Cabo Girão, Campanário, Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sol, Canhas, Madalena do Mar, Arco de Calheta, Calheta, Estreito de Calheta, Jardim do Mar, Paúl do Mar, Prazeres, Ponta do Pargo, Achadas da Cruz, Porto Moniz, Seixal, São Vicente, Ponta Delgada, Boaventura, Arco de São Jorge, Encumeada, Serra de Água.

Rodoeste Bus

Or the new Livery colours coming into operation

Rodoeste Bus

Green and beige with a white stripe takes you to Machico, Gaula, Caniçal, Portela, Santo da Serra, Porto da Cruz, Faial -- You can purchase a pass for 3, 7 or 15 Days for use on the SAM buses with unlimited travel. If you think this will be of use to you please enquire at the SAM bus station in Funchal or Machico.


Or the new Livery colours coming into operation


White with a red and grey stripe takes you to Caniço, Caniço de Baixo, Garajau, Reis Magos, Assomada, Ponta de Oliveira.

Caniço Bus

All country buses pass or start on the sea road, Avenida do Mar, in Funchal. Going East, green and beige bus, you stand on the seaward side. Going West, grey with a red and white stripe, you stand on the landward side.

The other two country bus services, silver with a yellow and white stripe and the white with a red and grey stripe start next to the cable car station in the East end (old town) of Funchal City

I recommend a full day Western island tour by the public Rodoeste company that stops en route at selected locations for you to alight for a coffee take photographs and use the facilities. There are two journeys (see image below). One departs 09.00 everyday the other departs 10.00 Monday/Friday. Both have long stays at Porto Moniz (3½ hours). What's the difference between them. The 09.00 bus goes anti-clockwise around the West and uses mostly the old roads; the 10.00 bus goes clockwise around the West and uses motorway whenever possible. A trip of a lifetime. A quote from a passenger after the trip : "I loved it, but I was drunk with the scenery". But the best news is that it costs 12,00 Euro per person for the full day trip. You heard it here first. Don't tell anyone ;-))

Bus map of island tour

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