Hiking Equipment

Walking Equipment

Walking in Madeira you have to be prepared for the unknown due to the terrain and weather.

The higher you go in altitude the more equipment you will need.

Likewise the nearer you are to sea level less equipment is required.

To help you get a better idea of what to take with you I will list the things of importance that I use.

  1. Boots
  2. Rucksack
  3. Money
  4. Bus Guide
  5. Survival Bag
  6. Watch with Altitude Meter
  7. Mobile Telephone
  8. Fleece Coat
  9. Waterproof Coat
  10. Waterproof Leggings
  11. Water
  12. Sun Hat
  13. Sun Glasses
  14. Hand Towel
  15. Rain Hat
  16. Leg Gaiters
  17. Head Torch
  18. Normal Torch
  19. Hand operated Dynamo torch no batteries
  20. Use your smartphone as a torch
  21. Map
  22. Compass
  23. Food
  24. Walking Stick
  25. Camera
  26. Bus Timetable Buy Now
  27. Cigarette Lighter To light a fire
  28. Whistle
  29. First Aid Kit
  30. Knife
  31. Gloves
  32. Neckerchief
  33. Garmin GPS
  34. Pedometer
  35. Small Mirror
  36. CD Disc in place of above
  37. Spare boot lace
  38. Safety Pin

This is not a fully exhausted list. You might be able to think of some more items.

But it will give you some idea of what to take with you.

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