Trevor Franks

Author of The Unofficial Madeira Walk Guide No.1

Trevor Franks Trevor Franks has lead walking groups on Madeira and walked privately for more than twenty-eight years around the island and in the process has learned about the levada and mountain paths that are possible to walk.

There are walks for everybody on Madeira no matter what strengths or weakness that you may have.

The levadas give access to places that would not be possible without the construction of the levada paths.

The Unofficial Madeira Walk Guide No.1 is designed for walkers who need to take their first steps into Madeira walking.

These walks have been tried and tested for years by our own clients so they are guaranteed to get you around a walk and back home safely using buses.

A comment by one of our clients sums it up "What it says on the tin it does."

I do hope that you sample some of these walks. You will never know unless you try.

Give me feedback on any walk that you liked (or disliked)

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