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Martin Grundy
Absolutely fantastic little booklets Bus number stop & pronunciation especially helpful Also walk difficulty level spot on Brilliant!
17 February 2020

Maureen Cheesman
We used the TJwalking unofficial bus timetable and can't recommend it enough. Been coming to Madeira for 20 years for mainly walking holidays and usually hire a car but this year due to being a certain age thought bus and taxi combo and it's your guide which was very accurate it worked really well. Many, many years ago you could buy a bus timetable from the information centre in Funchal but those days are gone. The timetable was also delivered to our Hotel on the morning of our arrival so thank you very much TJwalking.
8 February 2020

Angela Smith
Excellent little walk books. I was in Madeira last week and managed to fit in Several walks.
7 February 2020

Brenda Thomason
This was our 8th visit to Funchal, and the bus services and timetables have always defeated me. This publication was just what I have been looking for. Together with the walking guides -which also list bus stops/lines and times - this was the perfect answer to a wonderful walking week on Madeira.
29 January 2020

Linda Houltby
I purchased the 2017 version and found it invaluable. Apart from getting out and about using the the guide,the most valuable piece of information was the map as to where the bus stops are situated in the centre of funchal. We spent ages on a previous year trying to find the bus stop to take us to the Panoramico hotel. Whilst most people in the centre are very helpful, but when they reply they tell you it is on a certain street or avenue you have no idea where it is. So as we are holidaying in Madeira again this December I thought I would have a new version.
13 October 2019

Simon Baker
Very, very good indeed. Well done tjwalking. I'm very happy with this book
2 July 2019

purchased your three walking guides more than a year ago - and all along I wanted to thank you. They are fabulous! We travelled Madeira car-free and wanted to hiking - your guide books made that possible and very easy! They were accurate, reliable and just perfect for what we wanted. I can't believe it took me a year to say that to you... Thank you again and all the best to you
27 May 2019

Sonja Middelhuis
We wanted to thank you so much for the busguide. It has been our bible during our vacation on madeira to plan our hikes. It has proven very usefull. I hope someday it will be the official bus guide! Thank you so much!
25 May 2019

Peter Williams
Just returned from Madeira after using your excellent bus time table and walk guides. Both the bus time table and the walking guides were invaluable. Its the first time the Madeira buses seem to make sense to me! We recommended the guides to a couple in our hotel and they used them as well after contacting you.
12 May 2019

Josie Whitworth
What quick delivery. I order Sunday evening, it arrived Saturday and there had been a public holiday yesterday so no delivery that day
20 April 2019

Bridget and Peter Buchan
We have had your bus timetable before and it is the best value holiday literature in existence and amazingly speedy and reliable delivery
8 April 2019

Nick Ponsonby
An indispensable aid in our Madeiran holiday
15 February 2019

Fred Perry
Great Info
17 January 2019

John Graham
Just received your envelope containing the Madeira Bus Guide. This is an impressive piece of work and will undoubtedly be very useful next time we visit Madeira. Thank you for your quick response
13 October 2018

Frans Corten
Thank you for your wonderful work! I am very happy with the booklets. Kind Regards from Holland
4 October 2018

Andy Bell
Your bus guide has been an absolutely brilliant addition to our (now) many visits to Madeira. It has helped us become quite familiar with the local buses of Funchal and surrounds, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know the local culture. Many thanks
11 September 2018

Gunner Tapper
It seems easy to follow the Guide even for an elderly person
11 September 2018

Lynn Kennedy
We have just had our 1st great holiday in Madeira using your Madeira bus and walking guides. We managed 2 Levada walks and a coastal walk and found both guides easy to use and the bus drivers were most accommodating when mentioning where we needed to get off. I would certainly recommend your guides to anyone visiting Madeira. Thank you
31 May 2018

Moira Allsford
Hi. I used your guide in Madeira earlier this month. I have been to Madeira several times and used the bus services there, what a fantastic little booklet this is- thank you. I used it several times daily, and used it to plan my walks so that I could experience areas not usually covered if you don't use a car. Thank you, thank you and thank you!
22 May 2018

Heidi Junk
We were in Madeira for two weeks in Mai this year and we did apreciate your bus-guide very much. We want to thank you for this very, very helpful tool for our discovery trips round the island with the bus guide. the tourist-info had no information about the bus-lines at all. Perhaps you schould charge more money for it. It is worh it!!! Good luck fou you.
20 May 2018

Ulrich Schran
Bus Guide" was very helpful during our holiday in Madeira. Trips to Camara de Lobos, Monte and Cabo Girao were successful. We were very sorry, that we don't order the walking plans
15 May 2018

Christine Bennett
We found your bus guide invaluable on our holiday to Madeira and I mentioned it to lots of other people
23 March 2018

Tim Sidaway
This is such a useful guide. I used it alongside an older edition of he Sunflower Madeira Walks book and found it invaluable as I was worried that the bus times in the book were out of date
5 March 2018

John Lutkin
Trevor's unofficial guide got us around Madeira without a hitch. By the end of the week we were able to confidently pass on our "expertise" to other travelers and recommend they obtain the time table
11 Feb 2018

Fiona Gentle
Postage time of this booklet was brilliant, it arrived 2 days after ordering it. This will be very helpful to our upcoming trip back to Madeira. Thank you for your excellent customer service
02 Feb 2018

Kathleen Scawen
We found this book very helpfully. So much in fact that it is really is a bit worse for wear
25 Jan 2018

J. Hardy
Brilliant. We used the guide everyday for a week to get to our walks and help other tourist who were standing around the bus stops looking baffled
27 Dec 2017

Ilse Kistner
Walk guide arrived yesterday. Well done, I especially estimate all those details about bus numbers, timetables, starting points etc. Many thanks, wishing a good Christmas Time
29 Nov 2017

Ann Buffa
I found both the walking guide and the bus timetable very useful. I noted that many people just rely on GPS but I prefer to follow instructions
26 Nov 2017

David Warden
We returned from Madeira yesterday and had found our experience and understanding of the Madeira buses so easy as we had fortunately found your website before we went and had obtained your unofficial guide to the Madeira buses. Thank you and congratulations on producing such a useful booklet
08 Nov 2017

Barbara Williams
I have just ordered the latest update of your indispensable bus guide. We don't go anywhere without your little book
03 Nov 2017

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