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Walking Terrain

Mountain walks in Madeira are awe inspiring. Walk across ridges at 6,000ft, contour valleys, cross deep ravines, pass under tower high waterfalls, and find a hidden lake. There is a lot to discover in Madeira.

Levada -- A water irrigation channel that you can walk beside -- The Levadas bring the water from the wetter North side through tunnels to the drier South side of the island. The Levada paths take you into areas totally inaccessible by normal means and give you views that are breathtaking. A head for heights would help.

The walks in Madeira are not your normal well trodden sign posted routes seen elsewhere in the world. You need to have some savvy navigation skills as the walk path can turn quite sharply in such a short space of time. This gives the walks excitement not knowing what will confront you next.

Some walks will navigate you through a 360° cycle making disorientation a distinct possibility as the ridges and ravines are very much alike. For me this makes Madeira unique because the expectation of better views drives you onward.

Use your imagination. Think of the best kind of walk that you would like to do. Madeira has it. The walks in Madeira are out of this world. Words cannot do it justice. Walk with nature and feel the benefit.

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