Madeira Walking Tips

Walking Tips

  1. Always tell a third party where you intend to walk.
  2. For visitors never walk alone. Stay with your partner all the time.
  3. Always take a mobile telephone with you. Check for a signal frequently.
  4. Always carry a torch with batteries
  5. Use your mobile as a torch if you run out of daylight.
  6. Manual hand operated torch no batteries
  7. Use your camera's flash to light the way.
  8. A camera's flash can be used as a signal beam at night to locate where you are.
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  13. If you explore remote paths leave markers, cairn (stones) or arrows made from twigs to find your way back.
  14. Remember if you don't like what is in front of you, you can always go back the way you came.
  15. If you are lost try to re-trace your steps to where you recognized the path back to the start.
  16. If you do get lost. Don't panic. Stop, sit down, drink some fluid, eat some food. You will then think more clearly.
  17. During sunny periods you can use a small mirror to reflect a signal to a search party.
  18. Use a CD Disc in place of above
  19. Carry matches or a cigarette lighter to start a small fire to create smoke to locate your position.
  20. Use a Whistle to locate your position.
  21. Take a compass with you to locate North/South.
  22. If you get lost during daylight hours use an analog watch. How. Point the hour hand of the watch at the sun. Halfway between the hour hand and 12 is due South e.g. If the hour hand is at 4.00 pm and you point it towards the sun. Due south will be halfway i.e. 2.00 pm.
    clock showing due north
  23. If you don't have an analog watch try this method to find North/South East/West providing the sun is shining.
    Find North/South East/West with a stick

    Place your walking stick in the ground as vertical as possible in a open flat space. Place a stone/twig at the end of the shadow. Wait a minimum of fifteen minutes (1 hour is better). Place another stone/twig at the end of the second shadow. Remove your walking stick from the ground and place it between the stones/twigs. Intersect this line half-way at ninety degrees. The points of the compass are as per illustration.
  24. If you have none of the above. Try to find a path/ridge that you can walk downhill on you are bound to come to habitation or the sea eventually.
  25. If all else fails dial 112 the emergency number on your mobile.
  26. No! Your mobile has not enough battery power to dial. Try this to reveal hidden battery power your mobile hides. Press the key *3370#. That's star, numbers, hash tag. Your mobile will restart with enough battery power to dial. Phew! This reserve will get charged the next time you charge your phone.
  27. Remote keyless entry locked inside your car. Try this if someone has a spare key at base/home. Call them on your mobile. Hold your cell phone near the car door or windscreen have the person at your base/home press the spare keyless unlock button holding it near their mobile or telephone on their end. Your car will unlock. Distance is no object. I have used this method successfully.
  28. Before you lose your mobile or it is stolen do this. Check your mobile serial number by keying in *#06#. A fifteen digit code will appear. Write it down and keep it safe. If it gets stolen/lost contact your mobile provider and they can block your handset even if the finder/thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless they can't use/sell it.
  29. Credit card users. Did you know this? If someone tries to force you to withdraw money from an ATM you can notify the police by entering your PIN number backward. Example : Say your number is 4512. Enter 2154. The machine will still give you the money you requested but unknow to the thief the police will be immediately dispatched to the location.
  30. To cross a narrow levada ledge you can always walk in the water channel. Your skin is waterproof.
  31. If you have to walk in the levada channel or through deep mud and don't want to get your feet wet/muddy use two strong plastic carrier bags, two elastic bands. Place your feet inside the bags keep up the bags on your legs with elastic bands.
  32. If you walk off piste. Take a biffy bag (survival bag) just in case you run out of daylight.
  33. Take a basic first aid kit with you.
  34. Always wear a sun hat. The UV (ultra violet) in Madeira can reach eleven (11) in summer.
  35. If the sun's heat is extreme wear a neckerchief.
  36. Take with you at least one litre of fluid.
  37. If you want to stop cramp in your body take with you a sachet of 'Dioralyte' body salts or similar. Dissolve powder in liquid, take orally. If not available, eat a packet of salty potatoes crisps.
  38. If walking the high peaks in winter wrap up well and use gloves as the wind chill can be very cold.
  39. Carry spare boot laces.
  40. Take a safety pin. Buttons have a habit of popping off clothing.
  41. Any feedback will be welcomed from the suggestions above.

I do hope that the above list will make walking in Madeira more pleasant and safe.

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