Peaks of Madeira

Chronology of Fires, Floods and Storms in Madeira

1611 Funchal effected by Storm. Destroyed property
1707 Floods on all parts of the island
1724 18th November. Machico flooded. 26 people dead
1803 9th October. Bad storm. 100's dead.
1815 26th October. Floods cause death and destruction.
1979 Storm over Fajã do Penedo near Boaventura. 9 dead
1993 29th October. Funchal flooded with houses swept away. 4 dead, 4 disappear
2001 Storm in Curral das Freiras and São Vicente. 2 dead, 2 disappear
2010 20th February was the wettest since 1865. A flash flood on the South side of the island caused a lot of damage. Worst effected was Funchal with cars and houses swept away. Ribeira Brava and Serra de Água was also effected with floods and landslides with houses swept away. A total death toll of 49.
2012 6th November. Heavy prolonged rain on the North side of the island caused landslides and rocks to fall, houses destroyed, cars swept away, roads were also blocked. The places effected were São Vicente, Sexial, Ribeira da Janela, Porto Moniz.
2013 28/29th November. A flash flood in Porto da Cruz, Santo da Serra caused landslides, houses destroyed, cars swept away, roads were also blocked.
2016 7/9th August. Wild fires spread throughout the island with Funchal being the most effected. 4 people died, many homes and cars destroyed, 1,000 people had to be evacuated to safety.

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